What skills do you need to have in the selection of lightning arresters?

May 23, 2022

The main purpose of the lightning arrester is to prevent lightning strikes and ensure the safety of the equipment. However, after many customers install the lightning protection device, they will also have the phenomenon of lightning arrester damage and equipment damage. So what skills should be used in the selection of lightning protection devices? How can these problems be avoided as much as possible?

1. Confirm the power supply system

First of all, you must determine what your power distribution system is, whether it is TT, TN or IT system. After determining the power distribution system, you can choose the protection mode and wiring method of the lightning protection device to choose the appropriate lightning protection device.
For example, TN-C uses 3P lightning arresters, TN-S uses 4P, and TT uses 3P+N.

2. Know the main parameters of the lightning arrester

(1) Nominal voltage Un: The additional voltage of the protected system is consistent. In the information technology system, this parameter indicates the type of protector that should be selected, and it indicates the effective value of the AC or DC voltage.
(2 The maximum continuous voltage Uc: the maximum effective value of the voltage that can be permanently applied to the designated end of the arrester without causing the characteristics of the arrester to change.
(3) Nominal discharge current In: The lightning protection device is not damaged when the normal lightning wave with a waveform of 8/20μs is applied to the lightning protection device for 10 times.
(4) Maximum discharge current Imax: The maximum impulse current peak value that the arrester can withstand when the lightning arrester is subjected to a standard lightning wave with a waveform of 8/20μs.
(5) Voltage protection level Up: the voltage protection level of the lightning arrester in the case of In.
When selecting the type, the Uc of the surge arrester should conform to the system voltage, the flow rate should meet the needs of use, and the protection level should be lower than the withstand voltage of the equipment.

3. Look at the strength of lightning arrester manufacturers

When choosing lightning protection products, you should choose products with lightning protection detection reports, and the safety functions are guaranteed. In the selection of manufacturers, we should pay attention to the strength of the manufacturers, and try to select manufacturers with many years of lightning protection experience to ensure the after-sales guarantee operation of lightning protection products.

Fourth, choose the lightning protection device that meets the requirements of the law

Nowadays, lightning protection manufacturers emerge in an endless stream, but many manufacturers do not have the legal and regulatory conditions to produce lightning protection devices. Moreover, the lightning arrester has not been tested and certified, and it is indiscriminate on the market. There is no guarantee of quality and safety functions. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the selection of lightning protection devices.
The above are some precautions for the selection of surge protectors. For more information, please refer to the selection of surge protectors for surge protectors.