How to protect the radio antenna from lightning, how to protect the outdoor antenna from lightning

May 23, 2022

The lightning protection of wireless equipment such as outdoor wireless antenna vehicle antenna is mainly divided into two parts:

1: Prevent direct lightning from hitting the antenna

Many outdoor antennas are erected high. If the antenna is at the highest point in the surrounding area, especially on the roof of the building, there is a risk of being directly hit by lightning. The damage caused by lightning directly hitting the antenna is very large. .

If a direct lightning strike hits the outdoor antenna, the lightning energy will invade the entire system along the antenna, causing damage to the equipment such as electrical, thermal, and mechanical effects.
Therefore, outdoor antennas must be careful to prevent the risk of direct lightning strikes.

So how does the antenna do direct lightning protection measures?
It is necessary to place the outdoor antenna within the protection range of the lightning rod.
For example, if the outdoor wireless antenna is installed on the roof of the building, if the antenna is at the highest point of the roof, the antenna will act as a lightning rod, and the risk of direct lightning strikes is very high.
At this time, you need to set up a lightning rod next to the antenna, keep a certain distance from the antenna, and be higher than the antenna. According to the calculation of the lightning rod protection range algorithm, the antenna must be within the protection range of the lightning rod.

2: Outdoor wireless antenna induction lightning surge protection

After eliminating the risk of direct lightning strike, another point is induction protection. When a lightning strike occurs around, a high-voltage surge may be induced on the antenna, and the surge will invade the transceiver equipment along the antenna and cause damage to components, ports, etc. Most of the damage to the antenna equipment is caused by induction lightning.

At present, the main protection measure is to connect the antenna lightning arrester in series with the antenna. The selection of the antenna lightning protection device should pay attention to the parameters such as frequency, interface, impedance, insertion loss, and standing wave ratio, which must be matched with the system and cannot affect the signal transmission of the system. Uchi antenna feeder lightning arrester interface has N head, F, SMA, TNC, BNC, DIN and so on.