The principle of installing lightning arrester significance lightning rod

May 23, 2022

In thunderstorm weather, the phenomenon of lightning is easy to bring security risks to enterprises, especially for some high-rise households, it is necessary to install lightning protection devices. Large-scale enterprise units also need to conduct lightning protection inspections regularly to avoid major damage caused by lightning accidents. Property damage and casualties, what is the significance of installing lightning protection devices and lightning protection detection?

1. Reducing secondary disasters

Lightning phenomenon is a common natural phenomenon in nature. Simple lightning will not affect people's life and production. However, if lightning contacts buildings or other important structures, it may lead to lightning accidents, which will not only directly cause economic losses, but also lead to lightning accidents. It will cause a series of secondary disasters. High-quality lightning protection detection and installation of lightning protection devices are to prevent secondary disasters.

2. Eliminate or greatly reduce security risks

The process of turning off the lightning protection device in the lightning protection detection process and the later measurement are extremely accurate. The perfect lightning protection detection mechanism is an important tool to ensure the safety of enterprises, institutions and large buildings. It can eliminate or greatly reduce potential safety hazards, so it is also lightning protection. One of the important links in disaster reduction work.

3. Forming a social mechanism to promote the development of the industry

At present, enterprises and institutions have gradually improved their awareness of lightning protection detection. As an important part of lightning protection and disaster reduction work, lightning protection devices and lightning protection detection can promote the development of the entire industry. By strengthening the maintenance of lightning protection devices, lightning protection can be improved. The concept of detection has many benefits for eliminating lightning hazards.

In addition, from the perspective of public safety, regular lightning protection detection or installation of lightning protection devices is of fundamental significance for building safety, people's life and property safety, and can effectively avoid the generation of surge protection devices for lightning disasters.

The principle of the lightning rod: Since the tip of the lightning rod is sharp, when there is electrostatic induction, the tip of the conductor will accumulate a large amount of electric charge. In this case, the lightning rod will accumulate a large amount of electric charge, and the lightning rod will form a capacitor with these charged clouds. The top of the lightning rod is relatively sharp, so the two-stage board of this capacitor has a small chance of facing the area, and the capacitance is also small.

That is to say, it can hold very little charge, and it accumulates most of the charge, so when there are more charges on the cloud layer, the air between the lightning rod and the cloud layer will be easily broken down and become a conductor , In this case, the charged cloud layer will form a path with the lightning rod, and because the lightning rod is grounded, in this case, the lightning rod will introduce a large amount of charge from the cloud layer to the ground, thereby protecting high-rise buildings from damage.