Lightning protection specification requirements for spd lightning arresters in primary distribution cabinets

May 23, 2022

The national standard GB50057-2010 lightning protection design code for buildings requires that the first-level power distribution cabinet needs to be installed with a T1 test lightning arrester, the impulse current Iimp is greater than or equal to 12.5kA, and the protection level Up is less than or equal to 2.5kV.
Therefore, the first level of the low-voltage incoming cabinet needs to select the lightning protection device of the first-level test, otherwise it cannot meet the national standards, and the lightning protection acceptance will not pass.

The T1 test refers to the surge arrester test waveform of 10/350us, not the maximum discharge current Imax. It should be noted that the purchase of the surge arrester should be confirmed with the surge arrester manufacturer.
The standard requires that the surge protector in the first power distribution cabinet entering the room from the outdoors needs to be installed with a first-level surge protector. After the first-level power distribution cabinet, the second-level surge protector for the T2 test can be installed.
At present, the acceptance of lightning protection standards is mainly based on GB50057-2010. If the requirements cannot be met, the general lightning protection testing company will require rectification and re-installation of qualified SPD lightning protection devices/