Does the shell of the lightning arrester have to be flame retardant?

May 23, 2022

How does flame retardancy help the application of lightning arresters? Let's analyze from the actual situation of the application of lightning arresters:

Surge protectors are also called surge protectors. They are mainly installed in electrical cabinets to prevent induced surges from invading the power system and causing damage. The most commonly used environments are in various electrical cabinets, power distribution cabinets, and low-voltage complete sets of cabinets. These electrical cabinets are generally They are all placed in the equipment room. When the ventilation in the equipment room is not good, the temperature in the cabinet will be too high. We have seen many low-voltage power distribution rooms have high temperatures in summer.
Then, if the lightning arrester cannot be tripped, the power frequency current continues to flow through the pressure-sensitive devices and other devices, and it is easy to cause accidents such as lightning arrester fire. Therefore, the shell of the lightning arrester needs to be flame-retardant, and the general flame-retardant level is UL94.
Only if the lightning arrester shell is flame-retardant, it will not cause more serious accidents such as fire. However, many low-quality manufacturers in the lightning protection industry currently use non-flame-retardant materials that have been recycled many times for the plastic parts of the shell when producing the lightning protection device, causing great potential safety hazards. Therefore, when customers choose surge protectors and surge protectors, they must choose products from normal lightning protection manufacturers, so that they can buy and use them with peace of mind.