Does the network lightning protection module affect the network speed?

May 23, 2022

The network lightning protection device is connected in series in the network cable, which will have a little impact on the network transmission. It cannot be said that the network lightning protection device has no effect on the network speed.
The insertion loss of the regular network lightning arrester is generally below 0.5dB. When the distance of the network cable itself does not exceed the transmission distance of the network cable by about 90 meters, the impact of the installation of the network lightning protection device produced by the regular manufacturer on the network signal is extremely small.
If you want to verify, you can use the network speed test software to test, and basically no changes can be detected.
Therefore, everyone who wants to protect network equipment, but is afraid of affecting signal transmission, can use it with confidence.
Anxun network lightning arrester sells more than 100,000 pieces per year, and there is no customer feedback on the signal, more of which is the problem of matching the 100M network and the gigabit network.
If you choose a 100M network lightning protector for your gigabit network signal, there will be a problem.