Distinguish the main function of the lightning arrester from that aspect

May 23, 2022

When we buy the lightning protection device from the lightning protection manufacturer, how can we distinguish the quality of the lightning protection device?

1. It can be seen from the reaction time: the ability to determine whether the lightning arrester can respond in time and quickly discharge the lightning current

2. It can be seen from the insertion loss: this refers to the installation of a lightning arrester, the smaller the impact of this lightning arrester on the line, the better

3. It can be seen from the number of shocks: it determines the service life of the lightning arrester. Under normal circumstances, the gas discharge tube will not drop after being placed for a period of time. If you want to test its quality, you can use an adjustable high-voltage DC power supply to test.

Generally, the quality of the lightning protection device is judged from these three indicators. If the lightning protection device is very close to the electrical equipment, then (assuming the electrical distance L=0), the residual voltage of the lightning strike electrical equipment is equal to the lightning protection device. The residual voltage of the device, the lower the residual voltage, the safer the protected equipment

I believe that many customers have a question about the lightning protection device, that is, whether the lightning protection device can only protect against one lightning strike and then break down. Here I will tell you how many lightning strikes the lightning protection device can protect is related to the energy of the lightning strike.

For example, Uchi lightning protection model AM40A, the maximum discharge current Imax is 40kA, and the nominal discharge current In is 20kA. According to the standard, this product should be able to withstand the maximum discharge current of 40KA at least once, and the nominal discharge current of 20KA fifteen times.

This is only a standard requirement. The actual power surge protector can withstand more times. When the surge is less than 20kA and only a few KA, this product can be protected for dozens of times without any problem. When the surge is greater than the maximum flow capacity of the product logo, the product may be damaged. For example, a 60KA surge hits a 40KA surge protector, which will cause damage to the surge protector.

SPD is also known as overvoltage protector, surge protector, surge absorbing surge protector, power surge protector, DC power surge protector, etc. The surge protector used for power line protection is called power surge protector. minecraft. In view of the current characteristics of lightning-induced damage, lightning protection, especially in lightning protection rectification, is the simplest and most economical lightning protection solution based on lightning protection devices. The main function of the lightning arrester is to keep the potential at both ends consistent or within a range during transient phenomena, and to transfer excess energy on the active conductor.

Some main technical parameters of the surge arrester: rated working voltage, rated working current, and the nominal current capacity of the power surge arrester. The maximum current capacity, that is, the ability of the lightning arrester to transfer lightning current and withstand overcurrent, is measured in kiloamps and is related to the waveform form. In terms of function, the lightning arrester can be divided into a lightning arrester that can prevent direct lightning strikes and a lightning arrester that can prevent induction lightning. The lightning protection device that can prevent direct lightning strikes is usually used for line protection that may be hit by direct lightning strikes, such as LPZOA area and Protection at the junction of the LPZ1 zone.