Definition of power surge protector and necessity of lightning protection detection

May 23, 2022

SPD (SurgeProtective Device) is the English abbreviation for surge protector in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard. In the past, most domestic manufacturers used the names of arrester, low-voltage arrester, electronic arrester, etc., which were not accurate enough. The term arrester was easily confused with arrester used in high-voltage power supply systems, especially when national standards have promulgated the content and design of arresters. There are special inspection units, which are mainly used in high-pressure systems. The industry standard GA173 named SPD as a lightning protection device is in contradiction with the provisions of the state to formulate electrical safety standards. The components are used together, and the SPD not only has the function of lightning protection, but also has the function of suppressing the switching overvoltage.
In GB50057-94 "Lightning Protection Design Code for Buildings", SPD is named as overvoltage protector: "A device used to limit the impulse overvoltage existing between two objects, such as discharge gaps, arresters or semiconductor appliances. ". The standard drafter, Mr. Lin Weiyong, solemnly renamed "overvoltage protector" as "surge protector" in the discussion draft of a draft standard for lightning arresters organized by the China Meteorological Administration. Standard made a text description of the name change.
The definition of SPD should be, Surge Protector (SPD): A device used to limit transient overvoltage and guide surge current, which should include at least one nonlinear element.
In view of the variety of arresters on the market, the quality is uneven, and new concepts are constantly emerging. Therefore, by introducing the working principle and composition of arresters, it is helpful for customers to identify true and false, good and bad. .
From the perspective of response characteristics of lightning protection components, there are two kinds of soft and hard. Discharge elements with hard response characteristics include spark gaps (angular spark gaps based on chopping arc technology and coaxial discharge spark gaps) and gas discharge tubes; discharge elements with soft response characteristics include metal oxide varistors and transient suppression diode. The difference between these components lies in the discharge capacity, response characteristics and residual voltage. The arrester is to use their different advantages and disadvantages to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and combine them into various lightning arresters and protection circuits.
The necessity of lightning protection detection
  one. Lightning protection detection and surge protector detection can resist lightning disasters and ensure life safety
The damage of lightning to buildings can only be avoided by lightning protection devices. Lightning directly hits buildings or equipment exposed to the air, various overhead metal cables will cause equipment damage, and even serious fires will cause people. unnecessary property damage. A professional lightning protection testing company can do professional lightning protection. Lightning protection testing is to check whether the installed lightning protection devices or structural equipment are reasonable, whether the protection conditions meet the requirements, and whether the electrical safety meets the standards. If it cannot meet the requirements, the lightning protection testing company will promptly put forward corresponding rectification opinions;
  two. The detection result of lightning protection device has reached the national standard
The detection results of lightning protection devices of well-known lightning protection testing companies in China are based on the standards of national professional departments. Professional lightning protection testing companies have relatively more content to detect, and a series of lightning protection detection software and equipment involved in the detection process can objectively make standard judgments on lightning protection work, so the accuracy of data results is also higher;
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