Uc 275V Type 1+2 Surge Protector , Lightning Component Controller 1P Poles

Uc 275V Type 1+2 Surge Protector , Lightning Component Controller 1P Poles

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Dongguan China
Brand Name: Uchi
Certification: CE / SGS / ISO9001
Model Number: OBV5-B60/1P

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Minimum Order Quantity: 200 piece
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: export package / Negotiate
Delivery Time: 5-15 days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 60000 pieces per month
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Detail Information

Name: Lightning Controller Material: MOV/PBT
Poles: 1p Uc: 275/320/385/440V
CertificationCE,CQC: CE / CQC / SGS Application: Power Transfer Equipment
Environment Temperature: (-40℃~+85℃) Imax: 60kA (8/20us)
In: 30KA(8/20us) Time Of Response: 25ns
High Light:

Uc 275V lightning component controller


Uc 275V Type 1+2 Surge Protector


1P Poles Type 1+2 Surge Protector

Product Description

275V Lightning Controller Type 1+2 Surge Protection For Power Transfer Equipment 
1-We have installed lightning rods, do we still need to use AC surge protectors?
The current lightning protection devices include external lightning protection and internal lightning protection. Lightning rods are aimed at external lightning protection. This lightning protection measure only protects against direct lightning strikes, but cannot prevent lightning waves from invading the interior of the building. Therefore, the building Various internal electronic components require AC surge protectors to limit surges generated in electrical circuits and communication lines.
2-We have not been struck by lightning in the past few decades, and there are not many lightning activities. Do you need surge protection?
Lightning strikes by lightning protectors are a problem of probability. If comprehensive lightning protection is not done, there will be hidden dangers of lightning strikes in buildings. Once struck by lightning, it will cause casualties and equipment damage. At the same time, lightning strikes are not the only cause of surges in electrical circuits and communication lines. Any electronic equipment circuit has different peak surges due to interference from electrostatic electromagnetic induction, high-power electrical equipment, etc. The installation of a surge protector can effectively protect the equipment and increase the service life of the equipment.
3-The power supply uses a fuse or MCB, do I still need an AC surge protector?
Fuse and air switch are electrical equipment that connects and disconnects the circuit, which mainly play the role of leakage protection, overload protection and short-circuit protection; while the surge protector only works when the transient overvoltage on the line increases. To protect the circuit, it does not control the circuit. The two need to be used together to protect the line surge protector circuit and equipment safety.
The combination lightning current and surge arrestors OBV5-B60 meet the type 1+2 requirement class according to IEC 61643-11. These devices protect low-voltage consumer systems from overvoltages of all types and are available in single-pole to four-pole versions. The use of high-performance varistors permits a rapid response time and a low protection level, without any line follow current. If circumstances are uncertain and there is a risk of fire from an overload, the internal cut-off unit disconnects the arrestor from the mains if necessary. In addition, the QR code printed on the arrestor allows direct access to the online installation instructions.
Technical Parameters

Model: OBV5-B60
Maximum continuous voltage ACUcV275/320/385/440
SPD to EN 61643-11  Type 1+2
SPD to IEC 61643-1  class I+II
Lightning impulse current (10/350µs)IimpkA12,5
Nominal discharge current (8/20µs)InkA30
Maximum discharge current (8/20µs)ImaxkA60
Voltage protection levelUpkV< 1,5/1,8/2,0/2,2
Response timetAns< 25
Maximum back-up fuse A125
Temperature rangeϑ-40℃~+85℃
Protection rating  IP 20
Max. cable cross-section flexible (fine-wire) mm²25
Max. cable cross-section rigid (single wire/multi-wire) mm²35
Uc 275V Type 1+2 Surge Protector , Lightning Component Controller 1P Poles 0

1,Protect electric system and on-loading electrical apparatus from thunder and instantaneous over-voltage.
2,Protect transmission of Ethernet signals with 48V DC / 34V AC power supply circuits against
lightning induced surges.
3,Enhanced surge protection.
4,For mounting on 35mm DIN rails acc. to EN 60715
5,It can effectively ensure the equipments work properly
Easy installation or retrofit
Din-rail mountable
Fail-safe /self-protected designRemote indicator (optional) with 3pin NO/NC contact
IP20 finger-safe designVisual indicator
Small foot print
●AC/DC distribution
●Power supplies
●Industrial automation
●Motor controls systems
●PLC applications
●Power transfer equipment
●HVAC applications
● AC drives
●UPS systems
●Security systems
●IT/Data centers
Technology SPD parameter(Note:According to user requirement ,can be customized Uc=140V,440V,550V,voltage range of range of the SPD):

Type No.Rated Voltage(V) UnContinuous Voltage Uc(V~)Standard Discharge Current In(KA)

Max Discharge Current

Protection Level(KA~)Response Time(ns)



Transient voltage surgesin lv power lines
Transient overvoltages are voltage surges that can reach tens ofkilovolts with a duration of the order of microseconds.Despite theirshort duration, the high energy content can cause serious problemsto equipment connected to the line, from premature aging to destruction, causing disruptions to service and financial loss.Thistype of surge can have various different causes, including atmospheric lightning directly striking the external protection(lightning rods) on a building or transmission line or the associatedinduction of electromagnetic fields on metallic conductors.
Outdoor and longer lines are the most exposed to these fields,which often receive high levels of induction.
It is also common for non-weather phenomena, such as transformer centre switching or the disconnection of motors orother inductive loads to cause voltage spikes in adjacent lines.

Surges in telecom andsignalling networks
Surges tend to induce currents in allmetal conductors; not only are thepower lines affected, but so are allcables to a greater or lesser extent,depending on the distance to the focusof the surge.
Although a lower current is induced,the effect produced is equally or moredestructive, due to the greatersensitivity of electronic equipmentconnected to communications lines(telephone, Ethernet, R, etc.).

Importance of theground connection
Overvoltage protectors (SPD) divert excess energy toground, so limiting the peak voltage to an acceptablevalue for connected electrical equipment.
A ground connection in adequate condition is, therefore,a key aspect for effective protection against overvoltages.Monitoring ground connection condition guaranteesproper operation of surge protection devices.

Comprehensive protection
An effective overvoltage protection must combine thefollowing protection systems:
External protection (ESE lightning rods and faradization).System for protection against direct lightningstrike.These capture the lightning within the protectedarea and lead it, in a controlled manner, safely to ground. Internal protection (power frequency overvoltage andsurge protection devices). Equipment designed to protectagainst the effects of overvoltages in equipment connected to the power supply systems and/orcommunications networks.Grounding systems (grounding and insulation monitoring).Systems that allow atmospheric dischargecurrents to be dispersed into the ground. The need formonitoring the grounding system.CUAJE offers a widerange of products for each of these systems. It alsodevelops custom products, provides advice and consultingservices and the best possible aftersales service.
What skills should lightning protectors have in the selection?
1.Confirm power supply system
First of all, you must determine what your power distribution system is like, whether it is TT, TN or IT system. After determining the power distribution system, you can choose the protection mode and wiring method of the lightning arrester to select the appropriate lightning arrester.
For example, TN-C uses 3P lightning protection device, TN-S uses 4P, TT uses 3P+N, etc.
2.Know the main parameters of the lightning arrester.

Q: Can I get some samples?
A: Yes, Sample orders welcomed.
Q: Can I use my own Logo or design on goods?
A: Yes, Customized logo and design on mass production are available.
Q:What is the delivery time?
A: 3 days for samples, 7-15 days for mass production.
Q: What is the payment term?
A: T/T, L/C at sight, West union , Paypal, etc.

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